Dead Sea Bath Salt


16 ounce bottle.

The most luxurious bath experience.

Enjoy Dead Sea Bath Salts with all the benefits of the highest mineral content in salt found on the planet!

Lavender: Calming and relaxing. Combats insomnia, depression, stress, jet lag, backaches, headaches, leg cramps,sprains, strains, swollen joints, colds and coughs, chest infections, irritable bowel syndrome, and hangovers.

Orange: An uplifting, familiar scent which reduces anxiety and is popular with children. Combats insomnia, depression, stress, backaches, and constipation.

Rosemary: Reduces aches and pains. Stimulates the skin to boost circulation and ease pain. Eases cold symptoms and clears congestion. Has a refreshing and invigorating effect on the skin. Also, combats mental fatigue or nervous exhaustion, backaches, headaches, sprains, strains, swollen joints, colds and coughs, constipation as well as hangovers.

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